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Stanozolol is another very popular steroid. True, his popularity in bodybuilding is not as wide as in athletics, where the drug has long held a leading position. Hardly anyone will ever forget the tragedy of the outstanding sprinter of our time - Ben Johnson, who was selected world record and the title of Olympic champion in the race for 100 meters because of the positive result of the doping test is exactly on stanozolol. However, in bodybuilding, when during the short period of "eclipse" in the IFBB doping tests were conducted at the top tournaments, stanozolol stripped the first two places on the Arnold Classic-91 by Sean Ray and Nimrod King. Stanozolol is a steroid that is unique in many components. Only its molecule contains not four, like all other steroids, but five benzene rings. Another unique feature - stanozolol is a progesterone antagonist. This makes it an indispensable component of cycles in those cases where the task is to suppress the progestogen activity of other drugs (the same nandrolone or oxy-metolone).

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However, perhaps with this property of stanozolol, its somewhat inadequate anabolic effect is also associated. Stanozolol is available in both oral and injectable forms. In contrast to almost all other injectable steroid preparations, which are oily solutions of esters. Injection stanozolol - aqueous suspension. There is absolutely no difference between oral and injectable stanozolol - this is the same drug. So, if you are the happy owner of the injection version of the steroid, but can not withstand frequent and painful injections, you can safely drink the contents of the ampoules. Although with intramuscular injection, the effectiveness of stanozolol is still slightly (more precisely - by one and a half times) higher, due to the fact that the steroid enters immediately into the total bloodstream and can thus avoid partial destruction by the liver. If you are an adherent of injecting drugs, then you should remember that before you take the drug into a syringe, you need to shake the ampoule well.

Stanozolol is alkylated by 17-alpha, therefore it is, to some extent, toxic to the same liver. This fact does not exhaust all the negative features of the drug for men - although stanozolol does not aromatize, it has a minimal, but still negative impact on the prostate, can contribute to hair loss and the appearance of acne (acne). All this is due to the fact that stanozolol has the ability to stabilize the androgen receptor, although much weaker than in the case of trenbolone, nandrolone or testosterone. This feature, together with the presence of progestagenic activity, makes it practically impossible to use stanozolol as a representative of the beautiful half of humanity - even one tablet can lead to pronounced virilization. Since the use of stanozolol does not lead to significant additions in muscle mass, the main area of ​​its application remains preparation for the competition. Stanozolol allows you to keep muscle mass during a stiff diet, although the same methandrostenolone copes with this task much better. However, unlike the latter, the use of stanozolol avoids excessive accumulation of water. The classical pre-competitive formula is "stanozolol + trenbolone". This combination allows not only to keep what has been achieved, but even to continue building up muscle mass in conditions of insufficient caloric intake. In addition, in the presence of stanozolol, trenbolone shows its properties as a fat-burning drug (although this does not negate the use of "classic" fat-burning). In addition to trenbolone, stanozolol can be combined with testosterone, nandrolone, methenone-lone and oxandrolone; The last two combinations are considered safe, although not effective enough.

It is believed that stanozolol gives significant increases in strength, although the same testosterone, trenbolone, ok-simentolone and methandrostenolone do it much better. Half-life of oral stanozolol is 7-10 hours, so take it at least twice a day. The injection form of the steroid of the classical half-life is not there, injections are recommended daily. The usual dose of the drug is 50-100 mg per day. And in conclusion a few words about counterfeit drugs. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such at stanozolol. European fans of anabolic steroids are constantly visited by the "ghosts" of the once-truly produced Czech stanozolol. Now this drug is not released, anything that appears under his name, at best a useless dummy. Try to avoid veterinary drugs like Winstrol-V - you can spend your money for nothing. From injecting preparations it is necessary to use only Winstrol Depot of manufacture of the Spanish company "Sambon" (Zambon); From oral - stanabol from the "British Dragon" or Stromba OTWinthrop (although the latter is not an example more expensive at the same concentration of the active substance).


Oxandrolone was created in 1964 in the bowels of the American company "Searle" (Searle Co) and was sold under the brand name "Anavar" in the US market for more than 25 years. On July 1, 1989, the production of the American Anawara was discontinued. Now under the same trademark the products of the Chinese company "Hubei Huangshi" (Hubei Huangshi) are sold; However, unlike the progenitor, each tablet of the Chinese anavar contains twice as much active substance - 5 mg. In addition to Chinese, the drug Oxandrolone SPA of the Italian S.p.A. Milano Co, each tablet of which contains "classic" 2.5 mg of actually ok-sandrolone. According to the famous bodybuilder Mike Christian (Mike Christian), it was the anavar that was his first anabolic steroid drug and allowed to achieve impressive increases in strength and weight. History is silent about the dosages used by Mr. Chrischeng, but he still remains almost the only athlete to whom this has succeeded. In general, oxandrolone is considered a very mild drug, when taken in reasonable dosages not causing any special side effects, but also not leading to any noticeable progress in the matter of muscle mass gain. This is not surprising - after all, Oxandrolone was created specifically for use by women and children.


Oxandrolone quite well stabilizes the androgen receptor, but it does not possess any non-AR activity. Due to the structure of its molecule, the steroid is completely unaffected by aromatization, regardless of the dose, and is not converted to dihydrotestosterone. All this has positive features, but significantly reduces the effectiveness of the drug. The situation slightly improves with increasing dosages (for men, 0.5 mg / kg of body weight per day, for women - twice less) is considered to be more or less effective, but even 100 mg (20 tablets per day) of oxandrolone per day of spectacular Additions in the mass do not give. In any case, the return from this dose is incomparable with the return from a three times smaller dose of meta-ndrostenolone or oxymetholone. If we take into account the price of oxandrolone, then it does become sad. It should also be remembered that if the daily dosage of 40 mg is exceeded, the drug may exhibit toxicity to the liver (this is not strange, because oxandrolone is alkylated to 17-alpha). Those who decide to use the drug, recall: the half-life of oxandrolone is 8 hours, which means that its daily dose should be divided into three equal parts. And yet oxandrolone has a field of application, even a few.

First, as already mentioned, oxandrolone is the ideal steroid for women and young athletes; Only it does not cause virtually any phenomena of virilization, in addition, the use of oxandrolone does not lead to the premature closure of the so-called "growth zones" in young people. Secondly, the use of a steroid in the period between cycles will, to some extent, help to keep what has been achieved. Take the drug in this case once a day - about 7-8 hours in the morning. Third, oxandrolone is used to prepare for competitions. The detection period of the drug does not exceed 10-12 days, in addition, in combination with drostanolone (master) or fluoxymesterone (halotestin), it increases the stiffness of the muscles. Among other combinations, it is worth noting the combination of oxandrolone with methandrostenone-lone or oxymetholone - such cycles will please those who also do not think about using a syringe.)


Metenolone according to the method of action on the body can be considered an analogue of nandrolone. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself used this steroid in combination with methandrostenolone - this fact alone can raise the meteorolone authority to the skies. In practice, it is still not used so often and there are several reasons. Let's talk about them in more detail. Methenolone is considered, and rightfully, I must say, a safer steroid than nandrolone. Alas, for this you have to pay in the literal sense of the word, ie. Money. Even in its injection version, methenolone is about five times more expensive than its main competitor. Just like nandrolone, methenolone very well stabilizes the androgen receptor; At the same time, it is absolutely not subject to aromatization, which has both positive and negative sides. The positive are the absence of excessive accumulation of water and fat deposits during the course of methenolone, to the negative - a weaker action. On the other hand, unlike all the same nandrolone, the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase does not convert methenolone to a less active substance (in the case of methenolone it is dihydrolaldenone (DHB), which is very strange, so methenolone is the derivate of DHA).


Methenolone is available both as injections (methenolone enanthate) and as tablets (methenolone acetate). In practice, the first version is used more, and a little later we will explain why. Due to the lack of progestogenetic activity of methenolone, its dosages may be higher than in the case of nandrolone. The minimum effective dose is 400 mg of injectable methenolone per week, although it can be perfectly relaxed and up to one gram. Methenolone has actually two areas of application - preparation for competitions and the period of exit from the cycle. In the second case, the peculiarity of methenolone is used, that it very slightly suppresses production by the body of its own testosterone, i.e. Recovery of production of endogenous testosterone can go against the background of the use of this steroid (naturally, its dosages in this case should not exceed 400 mg per week and it is preferable to combine the drug only with non-aromatizing steroids). Combine methenolone is with methandrostenolone or oxymetholone, if your goal is to gain muscle mass (although to achieve this, methenolone is hardly worth using at all); With drostanolone, fluoxymesterone or stanozolol in preparation for the competition; With methandrostenolone or stanozolol upon exiting the cycle.

Occasionally, methenolone is combined with testosterone (although, unlike nandrolone, "primo" is not a synergist of testosterone) or trenbolone. With what certainly you should not combine methenolone, so this is with nandrolone or boldenone. Methenolone is a fairly mild steroid for women, although in this case it is preferable to use a tablet version - enanthate can still (especially with prolonged use) lead to problems associated with virilization. Methenolone acetate is available in the form of tablets; The content of active substance in each of them is 5 mg, although occasionally one can meet "monsters" containing 25 and even 50 mg of methenolone acetate. Methenolone is not alkylated for 17-alfa-steroid, therefore it is subject to active destruction by the liver. To increase the bioavailability of the drug, the methyl group was introduced to position 1, but in practice this did little. Bioavailability of the tableted methenolone is very low, to achieve a pronounced effect, the daily dose should not be less than 100-150 mg (some experts suggest even 200-300 mg, which, I think, is closer to the truth). Taking the drug should be throughout the day in small portions - it can also slightly increase its bioavailability. Methenolone enanthate (primobolan depot) is an injectable drug, its use is preferable to the oral version, at least for financial reasons. Primobolan depot is injected intramuscularly, which means that it immediately enters the general bloodstream and thus avoids destruction by the liver. Based on the half-life of the drug (5-7 days), you can recommend weekly injections. The usual dose, as already noted above, is 400-600 mg per week, although the best results can be achieved by increasing the dosage to 1 gram per week.