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Stanozolol Tablets

Nuances of Application and Dosage

Most users who used tableted stanozolol, responded to his weak effect on the body. Yes, the qualitative mass and strength are growing, there is no accumulation of water. Increased energy, which will allow athletes, bodybuilders with pre-competition calorie deficit to withstand intense training. However, the results obtained are much inferior to the results when using injections.

In the literature known to me on the use of AAS (androgenic-anabolic steroids), the cause of this state of affairs is the total amount of substance that daily enters the body with the help of tablets, which is slightly less than injectable. In some literary sources this is explained by the fact that the total amount of the substance in the tablets is somewhat less than in the injections.

The authors believe that this is not due to the fact that, passing through the liver, a part of the substance is neutralized (which in practice is not). And because one tablet from the original manufacturer contains from 2 to 5 mg. Active substance. And to "type" 50 mg / day, you need to use 10 to 25 tablets. What is fraught with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and increased strain on the liver.

In my opinion, if we take as a basis the products of the original producers of stanozolol, this reason is more relevant for bodybuilding. For powerlifting, where initially lower dosages of AAS (androgenic-anabolic steroids), the amount of substance in both forms at the rate of mg / week. Approximately the same.

And yet today the pharmaceutical industry has stepped so far that drugs of stanozolol appeared, the concentration of the active substance in which is much higher than that of the original manufacturers.

So, on the black market of AAS, you can buy drugs in which the active ingredient will be stanozol in a slightly higher concentration. First of all, it is an injection Stanozolik of the Australian firm Ilium, the concentration of the active substance in which is 100 mg / ml. In addition, there is a tablet form - a preparation of Stanol-B from the company Ttokkio, with a concentration of 10 mg / tab.

The use of these and similar preparations from Asian manufacturers reduces the number of tablets or injections. But the amount of active substance in the user's body is increased and approximately equalized in both injectable and tableted form.

I note that all the dosages presented in the tables have an approximate character in the sense that they can be increased. However, when raising, you should remember about the most important side effect of stanozolol - the removal of water from the joints. Increasing dosages can exacerbate this problem.

In general, when choosing the form of the drug, you should consider the goals that you pursue. If it's bodybuilding, then injections will suit you more. If powerlifting, then I would stop on tablets.

In the case of using stanozolol in tablets with a low concentration of active ingredient (2-5 mg / tab.), It is desirable to divide the daily dose into two - in the morning and in the evening, during a meal with a lot of liquid. Such a method not only allows the active substance to be absorbed well, but also minimizes the risk of GI disorders.

stanozolol for women

Tableted Stanozolol and Women

If a woman decided to use AAS, then it is necessary to approach this very, very sensibly. And since stanozolol is very soft in the androgenic plan, and athletes generally need a smaller daily dose of AAS, it is quite suitable for use by women.

The total amount of active substance should not exceed 10-15 mg / day. This greatly reduces the number of tablets taken and, as a consequence, negates the possibility of GI disorders or liver damage.

Another advantage that tableted stanozolol gives to athletes is the almost complete absence of the phenomena of virilization. Especially if the daily dose of the drug is evenly distributed throughout the day. When taking the injection form of the drug, such manipulation is simply impossible.

Combination with other drugs

○ As in the case of the injection form, stanozolol in tablets does not use "solo". This is especially true for mass-selection courses. So if you want to gain muscle mass, then it is most advisable to connect stanozolol to methandrostenolone, testosterone or nandrolone.

○ If you are preparing for a bodybuilding competition, the combination of stanozolol and injectable primolobulin will be very effective.

○ In powerlifting, courses in which stanozolol is combined with turinabol and all the same testosterones, methane and nandrolones are not bad ones.


1. Tableted stanozolol on its impact on the body does not differ from the injection.

2. The weaker effect of stanozolol in tablets is allegedly not due to drug differences, but to problems in obtaining the amount of the necessary substance with the help of tablets.

3. For lovers of bodybuilding, injections of stanozolol are more relevant. Fans of powerlifting are more suitable tablet form.

4. Women can fully use stanozolol in their preparation, without fear of strong side effects.

5. Tableted stanozolol is not used as a single course preparation.

6. For a set of mass and strength, stanozolol is best combined with testosterones, methane, nandrolone, turinabol.